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Helping with Listing Process

Helping You with the Listing Process

Selling your home can be an exciting, pleasant, and easy experience if you have the right support team to work with. Shanne Carvalho and his team of experts can make the process much more painless than it would be otherwise. They can provide you with the planning and transaction services experienced sellers demand from their real estate agents. Shanne can help you determine:

  • When the best time is for selling your home

  • What your home is actually worth

  • How much it will cost to sell

  • What market conditions will affect the process

  • What to do to get ready to sell

  • Comprehensive Plan for Marketing Your Home

Once you’ve decided to list your home, Shanne will work with you on a custom marketing plan that will target the most likely buyers for your property. You’ll quickly discover that working with aSereno Group agent has its advantages. All homes listed by Shanne and his peers in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties, and the company’s other locations, are aggressively promoted online through,,,, and hundreds of other real estate portals. Sereno Group is one of the top real estate brokerages in Northern California, so their resources for sellers are extensive.

Shanne will make sure your home gets a tremendous amount of exposure through social media and online videos as well.  And Sereno Group has a lead routing service that guarantees any calls on your listing get answered by Shanne who can answer questions about your property. Shanne will also advertise your home in local print media, and will host open houses that get the attention of the most active buyers looking for homes in the area. All of these efforts are why selling your home with Shanne Carvalho is the smart choice.

Getting Through the Closing Process

Once you get an offer, Shanne can help you decide whether to accept the offer, or to counter and ask for additional terms that will make the outcome more favorable, and the transaction easier to close. Even in the best of scenarios, selling a home and moving can be very stressful. Shanne and his support team know this and will do everything they can to make the process run more smoothly for you, so you can breath easy during the transition. There are very few issues Shanne and his team have not managed before. Once the transaction is closed, Shanne will stick with you and help deal with any issues that might arise while you’re moving out, and moving in to your new home. Shanne’s not satisfied until you’re happy and completely finished with selling your home and moving. That’s something that sets him apart from the rest.

Call Shanne today to find out how he can make your life easier, 831-588-2374.